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There are several periods in man's life that every man comes through.
From the childhood to the school years, from the school years to the college (or, perhaps, some sort of getting academic or working skills), to getting a partner in life, becoming a parent, and then a grandparent.

I am already in latest stage of my life when you have erased the morning traffics, office politics, and obnoxious bosses from your daily routine, and actually have added at least 9 hours to your daily private life.

Yes, I just have retired!

For the most of the people, the retirement is associated with a dream of freedom to do anything you want from the moment you woke up throughout the day. Isn't it wonderful?

For a while it is wonderful. Then many retirees are getting bored, and even depressed. There is nothing to do but argue with your spouse who is suddenly around you for the entire day.
Who would love THAT retirement?

There are plenty of articles on how to get ready and plan in advance your golden years. The main theme is: aside of financial planning, you must have the purpose in life. To me, it was easy. During my most productive years, I found that I enjoy being a mentor. I enjoy sharing the knowledge. I enjoy sharing useful information. I enjoy helping people.

"A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning". Brad Henry

I am proud of my personal achievement in helping people getting better career and better job. I have been running the successful career training business for more than 13 years. The wast majority of my former students became the middle-class professionals. Some of them moved even higher. There are CEOs and CTOs who run the companies on their own. And, as you may guess, I have something to share with my readers.

I have never stopped learning new things and have collected enormous amount of useful information about various aspects of life. As a result, now, when I am free, using my personal time as I wish (almost), I am ready to share what I have learned, so, my knowledge won't be wasted. In today's world of social media it is not difficult - just apply some efforts.

This web site is my attempt to help man to become better and wiser in many aspects of our life, and, particularly, in regards to #MeToo movement that attempts to show all men as cowards and almost like beasts and rapists.

You will find plenty of useful information on how to become a gentleman and the "man's man".

Let me be clear: it has nothing to do with sexual orientations as it seemed at the first glance. This definition of better man came from this fellow:

Yes, this is an actor Frank Vincent who you may remember from the movies "Goodfellas" and "The Sopranos". If you don't remember, here is some information.

Playing the role of Billy Batts in "Goodfellas" has helped Frank to catapult to iconic status. Frank was noted by Martin Scorsese by offering him a role in the Raging Bull movie.

In his interview with Edge, Frank said this about his role models:

"Like most men, my biggest influence was my father. He was a very charismatic man—uneducated but very smart and hardworking. A great work ethic. He was the guiding light in my life. I loved my mother, but she was more of the disciplinarian in the family; my father was my idol. When I was a little boy I would watch him getting dressed in front of the mirror. He was a flashy guy, he loved to groom, his hair was always impeccable He wore Old Spice cologne and had a pencil-thin mustache. He saw himself as kind of an Errol Flynn type. My mother dressed nicely, too—when they dressed up, they dressed up. My brothers are the same way."

Frank is a multi-talented man. As a musician (drums and trumpet), he played in various clubs together with Joe Pesci (guitar), and I hope you know who Joe Pesci is, don't you? His talent, style and elegance, and, at the same time, fearlessness in movies and the life, attracts many Franks fans.

"The utmost person in my life, besides my father, professionally was Dean Martin. He wasn’t a great singer, but he was a great stylist. From him I learned timing, how to speak to audiences, how to carry myself..."

The first book "A Guy’s Guide to Being A Man’s Man", written by Frank, has influenced me to borrow the name of this club.

The preface to the book: "These days, it’s harder than ever to know how to act like a real man. We’re not talking about the touchy-feely, ultra-sensitive, emotion-sharing, not-afraid-to-cry version of manhood that Oprah and Dr. Phil have been spouting for years. We’re talking about the though, smart, confident, charming, classy, all-around good fella that upholds the true ideal of what is known as “a man’s man.”

In our club, you will find an advice on how to:

- look more "classy“ and more respectful;

- how to find better partner in life;

- a man's man way to indulgence women;

- how to become financially independent and what means to be wealthy not only financially but also mentally;

- how to choose or change a profession or career;

- how to develop right working attitude; 

- how to be a better parent;

- about honor, health, courage, trust, philosophy, spirituality;

- about love and better sex, and...

- a lot of good information for 55+ men;

- even DIY, like how to properly use and protect  your home network and your smartphone; 

- how to enjoy your leisure time with a good cigar, with good friends, and a good drink;

- where to travel and enjoy a different culture and people, beautiful nature, and gorgeous cities, music, and, most of all,

- how to enjoy your life in spite of common argument that " life sucks".

Am I very ambitious to promise you so much? Probably, I am. It would require numerous hours in a front of my laptop and plenty of efforts. Nevertheless, I enjoy doing it!

Your comments will help me in this endeavor, and I hope that you will be generous enough and will share your thoughts, too.

These days, men are overloaded with needless information to the degree that the fact that the life is going on around you at this moment becomes unnoticed. It really makes sense to be selective on what to read and what to watch. Why to waste your precious lifetime on unneeded information? Would it be more productive to read something useful that will make you better and wiser?

I am going to share my thoughts and life experience as long as you are willing to read, and if it will convince you at least at 10% that you can live richer life and be a better man, my efforts will not be wasted.

I don't want to bother you with daily emails but, if you join our club (the form in on the bottom of a page), you will get notified about a new article posted on this web site, so it will be up to you when to read.
I promise you that every one of them will give you a small piece of mind. 

So, be my judge, and let's begin the journey to become a man's man!


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