Phase-Out of LIBOR This article is for advanced investors who wants to understand the impact on their stocks, funds, and preferred stocks. I am for one who is concerning about my portfolio after switching to another stocks (and corresponding companies) valuation method. Will the value drop? Will the value remain
"And that’s what separates the people that DO things from the people that just dream about them. YOU GOTTA ACT.” Steve Jobs There are so many young guys who know nothing about finances that it blows my mind. Financial education is one of the pillars on the road to becoming
Guys, I was pleasantly surprised after reading the article below. I know for sure that many young (and mid-age) guys are struggling with choosing the right direction in their life because their mindset was not in the right place. Some of you know your problems but for some reason don't
It looks like crypto is now celebrating its Bar-Mitzvah, a Jewish ceremony for a boy's coming of age and his parents no being responsible for his sins. But just because of the celebration, plenty of boys still commit sins. (Girls go a year earlier at 12 because they are more