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“Living a fine life is an art form” -Robert Mondavi

Everyone of men wants to live the life that is enjoyable. Can it happen without your efforts?

A few days ago, I met my nephew, the single fellow about 33 years old. He has recently quit his job of IT Manager and moved to mother’s house in order to pursue his dream: the boxing club. We have spoken about many things like business, his goal, women, but I want to tell you about the thing that puzzled me among other topics.

My concern was that he is living second month with zero income with nothing on a horizon. He said that he doesn’t need a lot of money to live comfortably. I said, really? What about dating a girl, driving her home in an old and cheap car to your crappy apartment? What kind of girl will date you second time unless it is a one-night “butterfly”? Do you want to see the world? Do you want to be the man’s man in your own eyes and in the eyes of your woman or you are looking for excuses?

I do not advocate for materialistic approach to life only — quite opposite. But money gives true freedom and assurance of juicy life (Tony Robinson’s favorite definition). And with so low-key approach to life, who will be your friends? The same losers? Just think about it harder: where do you want to see yourself in 5-10 years?

Unfortunately, I have seen the results of that approach in a few families I happened to know personally.

If you have taken the steps to increase your saving and improve your life, you have more choices. After all, more money gives more freedom to do whatever you want.  If you agree with yourself to live on a tight budget just to minimize the efforts in getting better education and initially better-paying job, I feel sorry for you. The list below will be out of reach.

Amazing Travels

Good Style

Classy Women

High Quality Drinks

Brand-name Cigars


Man’s “toys”: classic or fancy cars, cool gadgets, and tools

There are many men who live on a skintight budget due to various causes, but, in most of the cases, it is their own fault. One might argue that the good life is still possible with minimum compensation.

My answer is: maybe, in rare cases, unless you move to live oversees where American dollar is a king, or you are so mentally strong and dedicated to the idea to live such life (like Mr. Money Mustache) that the idea itself is your drive. Unfortunately, the reality is that the deficiency of money destroyed many good men.

So, let’s rather talk about good life if you have applied enough efforts and do not belong the men mentioned above.

Living well demands that we indulge in things that are of superior quality and excellent origin”. Let’s explore the best of everything to aficionados of a good life.

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