9. Get the Lease Agreement Signed To read the first part of the article, please click here. The lease agreement sets rules and expectations for both the tenant and the landlord. Here’s my recommended process for finalizing lease agreements: Customize your lease. Prepare the lease by a legal professional as I
5. Prepare your rental property To read the first part of the article, please click here. Guys, it is a fact that there are some good and there are some bad landlords. What will differentiate you from a bad landlord? Your rental needs to be in inhabitable condition, at the
Guys, this is a comprehensive article in several parts, and it could be used as a guide to buying and renting properties. I have spent a significant amount of time and effort preparing the guide for those who asked me many real estate-related questions as well as for those who
Folks, I have to share an article with you that a friend of mine has translated. It is about the craziness around the world about the cause of global warming. Yes, we are concerned. Yes, we see what's going on around the world, however, when common sense is out of
I continue coverage of healthy lifestyles for men. This is the second part. Please read the first part about the air and water here: https://mansmanclub.com/lets-take-some-steps-for-a-healthier-life/ Let's talk about food. You may be wondering why should we discuss it? First of all, food is one of the physical pleasures for men,