Guys, we are living in the same world as we have been living, let’s say, 10 years ago. However, one thing in our life has changed dramatically. And this one thing is the U.S. media. Yes, online sites, TV, social media sites – all of them – contribute to paranoia
This is a final Part III of the post. If you have missed previous parts, find them here: Part I and Part II. HAVE A FINANCIAL AND ESTATE PLAN As a part of your retirement plan, think about your family members who depend on you financially—and who may outlive you.
8 steps to increase your chances of safer retirement This is Part II of the post. Read Part I if you have missed it. 1) Spend less and save more You alone are responsible for accumulating enough assets to retire at the time and in the lifestyle of your choosing.
Read an article about retirement, and you will find the same advice: plan your retirement in advance. What kind of plan should it be? It’s not the big plans like for wedding or vacation. It’s more complicated. In this article, I want to discuss financial planning. And it is not