Introduction to 55+ Life

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Since you have been curious what is “55+” about, I assume you have crossed the line of 55 years young (or old, depending how you do feel about your current age), and either are getting ready for retirement or have already switched your life to 100% personal.

As I mentioned in the Introduction to Man’s Man Club, I am a semi-retired guy who enjoys extra nine hours of personal life and “seven Saturdays a week”.
For many folks who have done the same, the retirement is not so enjoyable as they dreamed to have.

It could happen for different reasons. Some retirees have not saved enough and must live on a tighter budget; others drive themselves crazy because there is nothing to do; some have the health issues; others must take care about elderly parents what is much less enjoyable than spending time with grandkids.

Malcom Forbes, the well-known publisher of Forbes magazine, once said: “Retirement kills more people than hard work ever did.”

If you want to avoid the fate of those who made wrong choices on the way to retirement and did not plan ahead, this blog category is for you.
While retirement is about slowing down, it shouldn’t be about stopping completely. Instead of rocking chair, many guys don’t want to sit around and watch how the life goes by. These days, retirement can last 15, 20, 30 years, or more. That’s plenty of time to travel…learn a new skill or new language…move overseas…enjoy your hobby…live the life you have always dreamed of.

With a “seven Saturdays a week”, a whole new world of opportunities, adventure, and possibilities opens up to you. Consider it as a beginning of a new and exciting life. If you want to experience that excitement, do not be passive. You should plan in advance – something that many folks either don’t know how or simply refuse to plan for the future.
As a result, they hate the retirement. And that feeling does not help to live longer.

No matter if you are planning for golden years or are already there, this blog will provide you with plenty of useful information. Just stick with me!
I will attempt assisting you in several areas like budget planning, activities planning, oversees retirementhealthcare (including Medicare), and anything related to retirement (tips, useful links, etc.).

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