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Not every man may agree with me but I am positive that the man’s man should acquire the investment skills.

Just recall your school or even college… How much did you learn about money and investments during your school years? Yeah, probably zero! Nada!

You have learned a math, some algebra and geometry but nothing about how to manage the green buck. That is a reason behind many negative news about retirees who could not put aside enough funds to support their life when they stop working.

Plenty of men live from check to check even if they are making decent money. Some think that their 401K plan from employer is good enough and they spend the rest of the money like there is no tomorrow…

It is pity. Nobody taught them how to manage a simple family budget or how to manage money keeping in a mind that they will need the funds for future housing or creating a family.

If you are among them, wake up! Don’t be ignorant to your own future. There is a plenty of literature, online trainings and articles, so, you have to start somewhen.

I’m inviting you to start today!

If you have some investment knowledge, congrats! You are smarter that 40% of those (including women) who were unmindful of the money management and came to a retirement age without substantial funds.

I want to offer you several articles that may assist you in your endeavor. I don’t promise you complete education in the field of investing but I am going to share some personal insights. I bet you may find them useful even if you are knowledgeable enough.

I am going to share “Investing 101”, How to become the Real Estate Investor, insights into the money management, assets allocation, investment newsletters, stock ratings, buying annuities, investors’ tools and helpful web sites for research and market monitoring, mobile applications for investment, and much more.

 Later, I will post more information about the basics of investing, but let me share my personal story about stock and mutual fund investing first.

I believe that, since 1996 when I began my journey in the investing world, the market and active investing taught me few important lessons.

As a beginner, I started investing with acquiring several mutual funds, and then slowly added some stocks that I have found through newsletters from the “gurus” of investing.

Looking at my trades now, it is obvious that I have made all possible mistakes the newbies usually make: buying high and panicky selling low; choosing the wrong stocks (including penny stocks) and ignoring the market trend; not learning the charts, not having the investment plan, no strategy… oh, well, you know what I am talking about.

Even 12 years later, in 2008 when I had, perhaps, some investing experience, I have violated my own buy/sell rules and have lost about $80K during the market crash by failing to sell when it was defined by my selling rule in the hope that it “cannot go lower”.

The big problem for any investor is being lazy to go back to your past trades and analyze your own mistakes or success. Have you lost money on bad trades? Why did it happen? Wrong stock? Bad timing? Have you watched the market at the time of purchasing the stock? All these and many more questions must be answered or you will “step on the same rake” again, and again.

I confess that I was lazy for many years. Serious investing requires serious approach and hardworking. Non-stop learning, adjusting and polishing your investment style, having the right tool for monitoring/research, and, finally having the inexpensive online broker with add-on values – all of it are the components of future success. Otherwise, don’t do this on your own if you think it is a piece of cake. Perhaps, hire the financial adviser.

At some point, few years ago, I began analyzing all my past trades, and it helped me avoiding old mistakes. I finally saw more profits than losses.

In the next blogs, I will continue writing about this topic, and if you want to know about them, subscribe and get timely updates.