Guys, let’s discuss something that may bother you. What if your height is below six feet (or 182.88 cm)? What if it is even below 5 feet, 7 inches (or 170.18 cm)? Man, it hurts, right? Many nice-looking females are looking for a big fellow, alpha male, etc., etc. So,
Dear Reader, I have decided to share an article from a doctor I admire because he is not influenced by big pharma but shares his honest opinion based on many years of research and the latest publications in the medical journals. You've probably heard a version of these ridiculous, smarmy
After the entire world came through the sweeping changes due to a coronavirus, many folks have switched to remote work after their employers have offered some options (100% remote or, perhaps, a few days of the week). What to do if your employer insists on office hours only? What if