HAND-ROLLING CIGARS Hand-rolling cigars is an incredibly difficult skill that can only be mastered after years of practice. There are some highly skilled rollers in each cigar factory. They are responsible for rolling the highest quality cigars. Only after serious training, the cigar rollers are allowed to roll the cigars
Guys, you surely know about Google’s intrusion into our privacy. If not, read my previous article. Today, I want to show you several simple steps to decrease your exposure to a commonly accepted by many internet companies practice to steal your private information and use it to generate money. If
When do you want to buy the annuities? As I have mentioned in the first part of this article, annuities make the most sense for pre-retirees and retirees who want to minimize worry about bear markets in retirement: a precise stream of income no matter how markets perform. Annuities, in
An annuity is the most hated investment vehicle, yet, the annuities are still being sold. There are many negative points in this type of investment but the only positive could be the major one at a certain period of your life. Be aware of the complexities of annuities. Get educated before
You are probably here because you want safe, healthy drinking water for you and your family. And, trust me, the Reverse Osmosis system can deliver! If you don’t want to read about some technicalities and go directly to the section COMPONENTS. In accordance to Wikipedia, Reverse osmosis (RO) is a water purification