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"Seventy percent of success in life is showing up".

Woody Allen

You heard it before… stay classy!

What does it mean for a man? To me, it is one more definition of a man’s man. Classy man is the one who has all those qualities I have counted for man’s man earlier, and, in addition, who looks great.

You don’t have to be the Hollywood actors to look great. If you are dressed nice and classy, if you are shaved clean or have any type of beard that looks neat, and if you are groomed well, you look like a classy man.

Why do you want to be the classy man? Because you can get the classy woman! Because you can get more respect and more opportunities at work. Because people got used to get the first impression by how the person look.

Do you know how the classy women quickly “scan” the man and can identify quickly if he is worth dating? No, it is not the same way man “scans” a woman. The first look would be at height and the face. The second one would be … you can’t even guess… the shoes! Believe or not, the shoes is really good indicator of your "classiness". If you wear heavy snickers instead of shoes that fits your suit, you are far away from being "classy". There is nothing wrong with snickers but don't use them with the suit, and especially if you wear a tie.

A classy man is also a gentleman. One fellow mentioned online that this is a dying breed of men. No wonder…

The boys are not taught to be a gentleman in the school, they have no example at home (with rare exclusions). Where did you see the gentleman last time? In the James Bond movie? Instead of teaching our boys good manners, basic etiquette, and the “base” of the meaning gentleman – someone they should have the desire to become – we introduce bad rap, vulgarity, craziness, wild parties, and the “f” word in almost every sentence. Just watch any movie. Just listen to any conversation of our millennials.

Gentlemen is not just a “gentle man” who is polite to women and elderly people. It is a man who keeps pride of his self-esteem and internal power. Gentlemen are projecting the “classy” image.

What could be wrong if you treat your lady right; hold the door opened for her; manipulate the chair in the restaurant when you let her seat around the table; offer your hand when she exists the car? What could be wrong if you keep yourself well-groomed with no hair sticking from nose and ears, clean fingernails, dressed not in baggy clothe and wearing clean and not cheap-looking shoes?

Behaving like a gentleman, you have already added several points to your lady’s estimate of you while you did nothing extraordinary. You just get used to do it. I began teaching my son the gentlemen’s set of rules when he was barely 6 years old. In short, I can tell you, man: it paid off.

Classy man attracts right women momentarily. You would see few women flirting with him directly or indirectly (like throwing quick glances that are saying “I am interested” from another table in the restaurant). And it’s OK if he does not look like Kirk Douglas or Brad Pitt in their best years. The women can sense the classy man, especially the classy women.

In this category, let’s discuss how to become a better man, more attractive to women man, and how to look like a classy man. Let's discuss manliness and what makes you closer to man's man. Your input will be really appreciated, not to mention real-life stories.

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