Social media: Technological terrorism against our kids. Every vendor tries to capture your attention and keep you as a POW as long as possible. The biggest danger in social media is for our kids who are susceptible to online hate, bullying, drugs, mental disturbance, so-called suicide rooms, online crooks, and
Why SELF-CONFIDENCE is so important I was mentioning self-confidence as one of the major qualities of a man's man in several posts. What does this term mean and why it is so important? I would describe self-confidence as the solid base that is built in your mind about your own
Manhood is under attack. Do you realize that we happened to live in a thin-skinned society where everyone is being offended easily? Day-after-day, there are more and more ridiculous cases of "sensitivity" to something that years ago no one would be even paying attention to. We have started with dismantling
If you think that to become wealthy you need to inherit wealth or win the lottery, you are right. However, what is the chance you can win or inherit? Correct, close to absolute zero. Not many men have inherited millions and even fewer people won the lottery. The sad fact
The problem of declining sex and possible solutions Let’s identify the problems If you remember yourself having better sex in the past, you are not alone. There is a big number of men who have the same feeling. The sex drive is not so powerful as it used to be