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What does it mean to be wealthy? To have a ton of money in your banking account? Yachts and super expensive properties? Ferrari and Maybach in a garage? Personal aircraft or yacht? Spend as much as you wish?

There are more than 11 million of millionaires in the United States alone. Wow! How could they do so well? Is financial success due primarily to good luck, good fortune, or good habits?

You may say: Just let me have it, I know what I AM going to do.

Don’t be so quick.

Just imagine, you are finally a wealthy person. Now what? Is it a top of your dreams? Does it make you happy? I bet you heard the stories about the lottery winners and how they have finished…

There are ways to achieve a financial independence through saving and investing (and we will discuss it, too), however…

There is something more valuable than money: your life time. Even if you have plenty of money to buy anything you want, your life will not mean much if you don’t have good health, friends and personal interests or hobbies, someone to love, and the trivial thing like to wake up in the morning and to look forward doing something.

Tony Robbins have described the six basic needs in human life to be happy. Not one but six! And do you know what? The money is not even one of them!

The first four are more about personality and the final two more about spirit. Here they are: Certainty, uncertainty, significance, connection, growth, and contribution.

In this blog, I will discuss it in details. I am also going to discuss what the wealth means for you and how to achieve one, how to save and how to invest money, and, controversial: How Much Is Enough?

I will also give you some food for thoughts regarding wealth in general and why a ton of money is not enough to live really happy life.

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