Courtesy of I am back from the funeral home. The 28 years young woman has ended her life with a drug overdose. What can I say? It was a heartbreaking experience to see her husband and the big family got devastated by the death. It was not the trash
If you had a chance to read 4-parts post about my way to invest, you have already figured out that I am a contrarian investor. It simply means that I don’t listen to talking heads who preach the same strategies that don’t work in most cases. I am always looking
Yeah, I know, I know! You think I am crazy or one of those rich who I am trying to protect from the unfair media. Not at all. I am just a regular mid-income guy. So, why am I writing this article? I want your eyes to be more open
Having 9.5 hours a day more of spare time (I am a new retiree), I am having fun with where people all around the world are asking questions and getting answers from the people who have particular experience related to the questions. While many questions are repeated and sometimes