Let me be frank, I am not an expert in medicine but I am good with dissecting the information and finding the core of the issue. Here it comes… Coronavirus. Since my readers come from several continents, this information will be valuable to everyone. There was a lot of changes
REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUSTS (REITs) Real estate is great. And it’s definitely a great way to make your money work for you. Read my posts about real estate here: https://mansmanclub.com/how-i-became-a-real-estate-investor/ https://mansmanclub.com/real-estate-investing-how-to-buy-and-rent-landlord-101/ https://mansmanclub.com/mortgage-pay-off-debate/ But the deals can get complicated… there the banks are involved… financing… you have to go look at
As I have promised, below is another article for those readers who are interested in becoming financially independent by learning the basics of investing. If you have missed previous posts, here are the links: Introduction to Investing How to Start Stock Trading Common Stocks Preferred Stocks (Part I) Preferred Stocks