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Intro to a Man’s Private Life

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Yes, it is what we need to discuss! There is no happiness if your private life sucks. Let’s talk about love, sex, women, and how men can and should build that happiness in his life.

In the last 30 years, things have changed quite a bit for guys. Since men are no longer the only bread winners or bosses, this fact has been disappointing to some of us.

These days, more than two-thirds of people enrolling into business and medical school are women. Just imagine what it will be like in ten years: radical changes! Two-thirds of the doctors are going to be women. Two-thirds of the CEOs are going to be women because there are just not enough guys going into those professions anymore.

More women are entering the professions where they do more work, more travel, and even more work and travel. And it changes some landscape… In accordance to the recent surveys, men committed a half of the infidelities but the women are committing another half.  It used to be men who committed most of them.

Surprised?  Women’s Infidelity is incredibly common, more than most people would ever guess.

The changes happened not only in the business world but also in the sex lives. It happens quite often that women initiate sex, and they don’t want the ordinary, they want the fancy stuff. Emancipation is in the progress…

Why the feminists are winning? Because men allowed them. Even in army, so manly place, women fight to be equal to men.

As a continuation of that process, now, there is a wide-spread campaign against men with a #MeToo movement that places our sometimes unstoppably physical nature of male desire under scrutiny. Didn’t the Mother Nature design the man this way to ensure that the human race won’t disappear but grow?

We need a discussion about how the men ought to cope with all those changes.

In general, men don’t like to talk about private life because in our culture the man who complains about private matters is considered to be a wussy guy. We get used to the definition of a man as a protector of the family, some kind of a wall between his wife and children and the dangers of this world.

I think it is wrong. Good information about private life is more than valuable to every men of any age.

So, why to talk about private life here? As I said, the things have changed a lot for guys, and we need to re-group in order to have the balanced and happy private life by taking into consideration the realities of today’s world.

Let’s discuss how the men choose woman (and the opposite), how to increase the confidence, how to make private life better and juicier, the problems and solutions, tips, and much more.

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