That depends on your personality, man!

January 24, 2022 0 By admin

Guys, let’s discuss something that may bother you.

What if your height is below six feet (or 182.88 cm)? What if it is even below 5 feet, 7 inches (or 170.18 cm)?

Man, it hurts, right? Many nice-looking females are looking for a big fellow, alpha male, etc., etc. So, what are your chances?

I have been reading the non-fiction books written by females, and almost every one of them was described the man of her dream as six feet, two inches, with six-pack above the belt, broad shoulders, sexy, bla-bla-bla…

It’s like every man is drawing in his mind the picture of a perfect woman similar to a few famous models or movie stars. I am guilty, too.

So what?

In a real-life, there are not many perfect women as well as not many perfect men.

If you’re worried about being short, let me tell you, not every girl is concerned about height. Some girls aren’t bothered by dating someone who is shorter than them, or the same height as they are. When I was young and stupid, I have abandoned a very nice girl only because I did not feel I am high enough. She was smart and tender, she was exotic, she was from a very good family (which is one of the most important things -read my other article). Yet, I did not see it! All I was thinking is my height.

Instead of worrying about your appearance, if you have an eye on a girl, make her feel like the prettiest girl in the world. Flatter her, charm her, praise her and let her talk about herself.

If she loves drawing, tell her she is an amazing artist. If she loves singing, tell her she has a beautiful voice. Make her feel good about herself and she will want to keep you around. Appearance can only take you so far, but the way you treat someone is what will either keep you together or tear you apart.

If I could date someone who looks amazing but doesn’t treat me well, or someone “ugly” but treats me with respect, it would be a no-brainer.
Being tall and handsome is a perk, a bonus, but not a necessity. If someone falls in love with your soul, it doesn’t matter what you look like.

Here are some opinions about man height from the girls and guys:

Stacy H., Hairstylist, makeup artist, & esthetician at Illusion Beauty Services:
“The only person who will give you the right answer is yourself and the people you are in contact with where you are looking for potential mates. You don't have to be tall to get a gal. To the right person, your height is irrelevant.
You don't have to be wealthy to get a gal, it will attract people, but not the kind you'd want around for long.
Being approachable and having confidence in yourself, will be the best way to get you to the right person, for you.”

Arj R., Volunteer Work
“I would say it’s not much the physical appearance but the personality of a person that matters. As long as the person is good and treats other people well any girl would be happy to be their girlfriend. Also, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” so, one girl may not find a specific guy attractive but another will, and will appreciate all the beautiful qualities that come along with him. I’ll be honest many of the guys I’ve liked aren’t tall or handsome, many of them had average height with average-looking features; some I liked since I met them the 1st day while others after some weeks of getting to know them better.”

Paige O., Freelance CRT, and Arcade Repair.
“Women can be really stupid about height. If you naturally meet a taller woman and things happen, then great. However, you should concentrate all your approach effort on women that are your height or shorter.
This is important because far too many women will automatically go to “no” just because you are shorter than they are.

Now a “No” is not the end of the world. However, once a woman turns you down it is almost certain that all her friends will as well, even if they initially would have said “yes”. It is a social proof thing, a combination of just going along with the social decisions other people make combined with being less receptive because they were not your first choice in their group.”

While I am kind of agree with the last comment from a guy (and I am sure if you are searching your soul mate online, you will agree, too!), it's not the end of the world. One of my former buddies got married to a girl who is perhaps two inches higher but she admires him as a man's man. Just try to tell something bad about her husband, and you will regret it in one minute!

Try not to look stupid by trying to get attention in the company of several gals and guys. Get dressed nicely, and make sure you:

  • are in style
  • are neatly shaved and groomed
  • have nice shoes
  • don't talk too much (don't look silly)
  • don't raise your voice without a cause
  • are looking confident

If you like a particular girl among several folks in the company, when you express your opinion about anything, try to establish eyes contact by showing your interest. And no matter your height, she will notice that you are interested. And it's up to her to follow or not. Finally, she is not the last gal in the world, right?

Nothing worth anything doesn’t demand constant work, be it a business, a relationship, a family. They all demand work, and that’s life.

Life is work. It is not easy.

But don't be discouraged, man!