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January 15, 2019 0 By admin

The story about big "T"

Last week, one of my buddies came over for a chat with a bottle of my favorite bourbon. It's not a joke bottle - $85. I am talking about Jefferson’s Ocean held in a cask at the sea. Excellent bourbon.

I asked him "what’s the occasion to celebrate?" It turned out he wanted to say thanks for the good advice.

A few weeks ago, we had an honest conversation about families that revealed his health problem. He was in a depressed state of mind, and I tried to find out what is wrong.

Apparently, he had the problem below the belt. The way he described it pointed to the diminished sex drive. It is not a very seldom problem for many men, and not only for 55+ men. The lowered level of Testosterone or big "T" as I call it is a cause.

Testosterone is what makes us men. It’s our crucial hormone. Then higher level of “T” then men feel more energy, better fit, and, of course, have no problem performing in the bed. At the same time, Low testosterone levels do everything opposite including apathy, obesity, the problem with sleep, a certain level of depression, and more.

My buddy was browsing the Internet for some supplements, was reading multiple articles but did not come to any conclusion as this is a very sensitive issue. Every supplement has claimed to improve your libido, yet, other articles put under scrutiny those claims.

I have asked him about his lifestyle. I have asked him about his eating and sleeping habits as well as about exercising daily.
It turned out that his business is associated with daily stress, he has no time for the gym, and his eating habits desire to be better. It was not better with sleep. If you ever owned a business, you know about the sleeping problems when your thoughts about business are rotating in your head 24 x 7.

It was a classical case when lifestyle takes its toll on human health. He just got stuck in his daily routine.

Since I had some collected information about that type of problem, I gave him advice.

First of all, I have explained to him where his health problem is coming from. If you don’t know what is going on, much of what you day-after-day is actually negatively impacting your testosterone in an enormous way.

But the good news was, he could make some very simple but strategic changes to reverse low "T" levels and improve overall health. Many men try to find the shortcuts and quick fixes with supplements but very few of them can actually help yet still don’t make a big difference overall.

Low testosterone levels can be reversed naturally and this is a key point because low “T” leads to fat gain, a decrease in sex drive, loss of muscle, decrease in motivation, inability to concentrate, and much, much more.

When you are stressed out frequently and overwork at business or job, sleeping poorly and less than you need, drink too much coffee, another hormone, cortisol, does it damage work. Its level is increasing, and, at the same time, the level of big “T” is plummeting.

"Testosterone, in the male body, is power. It acts as a reward system for winners, for guys wanting to get after it, to kick ass and take names and live a longer, healthier, better life. The routine that follows may seem like a pure health thing, but it goes beyond that. If you want to be at your best, ... then getting your testosterone levels to the point where *they* are no longer dying, but thriving, is a necessary step…"

Man’s masculinity is defined by a man’s degree of testosterone in his body.

Naturally, I gave the following advice to my friend:

  1. Recognize the problem and accept the fact that you are doing some of the things in life wrong and it affects your health overall and your manhood in particular.
  2. Start your day with stretching your body on a floor and completing 20-30 push-ups, at least. Allocate one hour a day for your gym. It is crucial!
  3. Change your eating habits. Get rid of junk food and sugary drinks, if any. Try the following routine: take the first food around noon and take the last one no later than 6 pm. Have some healthy snacks (like the nuts) in-between. 17-18 hours without eating food allows your body to process what you have eaten more effectively, not to mention better sleep condition (without a full of food belly). Have the willpower to follow it, no matter what
  4. Use meditation before going to sleep. There is plenty of video tutorials on YouTube. If the thoughts about business bother you again, use mental exercise “minimizing the monitor screen” with that thoughts and “maximizing the screen” with the thoughts about something pleasant. Train your brain to think following your wish.
  5. Watch your body fat level because you won’t be able to produce an optimal level of big “T” due to an increased level of another hormone: estrogen.

I may spend more time talking about it in the future posts but, in short, an active lifestyle with workouts at least 4 times a week has proven to increase men's libido.

It is amazing, but my advice worked beautifully (as our Presidents like to say). The man looked better than the last time I’ve seen him. We were talking over the phone a few times but did not have the occasion to meet.

I was really happy that my knowledge has helped my buddy to restore his manhood. I hope this story will give you a peace of mind, too.

Guys, take back control of your manhood. Don’t accept what life throws at you, fight back and optimize your body and mind.  

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