Will that guy be a good husband?

January 15, 2019 0 By admin

OK, man, now is your turn to learn what women are looking for in the potential husband.

We have discussed how to find the right girl for marriage but are you the right man for her?

There are several men's qualities that attract the opposite sex, and if you are considered yourself a man's man, you have no problem.
Are you ready?

# He should be reliable.
# He should be funny
# He should be attractive but not necessarily gorgeous
# He should be a strong man (and  preferably higher than me)
# He should love kids
# He should be a protector
# He should be a good lover
# He should understand my needs
# He should have the same moral
# He should share and support my activities (like yoga or travels)
# He should have preferably the same religion as mine
# He should have a stable job and a rewarding ($$) profession to be able to support the family.
# He should be a family man and share the homework responsibilities.

To reinforce what I have said above, let me tell you the latest story.

In New York, recently was opened a store where women can buy a husband. Yes, indeed!

The store consists of 5 levels. Then level is higher than more expensive husbands you can buy. It is very convenient: you buy whoever you can afford. However, there are three rules that are enforced without exclusions.

Rule 1: you can’t go to the previous levels

Rule 2: If you have chosen the husband, you cannot give him back, exchange, or change anything.

Rule 3: You have only one chance in a lifetime.

So, here is a story of one woman who has decided to go to the store.

On the first level, she found the note: “On this floor, you can buy a husband who looks good and makes good money”. “How great,” she said to herself but has decided to proceed to the next level.

On the second level, she found another note:

“On this floor, you can buy a husband who looks good, makes good money, and loves kids”. “That is superb!” said the woman to herself. “But I need to see more”, and went to the third level.

Right away, she found the next note: “On this floor, you can buy a husband who looks good, makes good money, loves kids, and helps with homework”
“Wow, it is an ideal husband, who else do I need? But who is sold on the 4th floor??”, and went further.

She found the note of the 4th level: “On this floor, you can buy a husband who looks good, makes good money, loves kids, helps with homework, and is quite romantic”. “I have to buy the husband here! It’s wonderful!” said the woman aloud. However, the curiosity took over, and the woman went upstairs again.

She found the last note in the middle of an empty floor but this time, it was an electronic board:

We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we don’t sell the husbands here. You are number …1,965, 784 …visitor. None of the visitors left the shop with a husband”.

Yes, I am sure you have recognized the joke but, as you know, every joke has a grain of truth. Instead, they should ask for one quality only: “where can I find a man’s man?”

Do you have those 13 qualities that a single woman is looking for?

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