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The Consequences of Jealousy

Is it good to be jealous or we should avoid it?

Good question...

I remember my younger years and my first love. I hated when any guy even approached my girlfriend not to mention when they tried to invite her for a dance. I did not feel comfortable... I was simply jealous.

There are some girls (and women) who like to flirt with a lot of guys - it makes them feel great. Contrary to it, the guys who date them usually get jealous, and I feel them!

Sometimes, the girls who want to get rid of any particular guy try to do something bad or make them jealous. When the guy goes nuts and became a villain in their eyes, they feel justified in sending you your packing because women always need justification for breaking a heart. So, don't feel bad. Just move on with your life and cross her out of your mind. It may hurt for a while but will dissolve over time.

In that case, don't try winning that girl and don't do stupid moves like:

  • sending flowers to her office;
  • talking to her parents, siblings, or friends over her head;
  • dramatically alter your appearance (shaving your head or pierce your nose, change clothing style);
  • stop dating altogether, and instead, start drinking;
  • asking her friends out;
  • "accidentally" run into her at the hair and nail salon.

Even if you are desperate to win her back, don't look desperate! If you want to be a man's man, control your mind and try concentrating on something useful.

Jealousy is human nature's quality. Don't torture yourself, rather recognize it and deal with it depending on the situation. Have a cool head, man. And remember, there is no true love without jealousy.

Here is a story of Justin from Canada:

"Two years ago, my girlfriend kissed my best friend and I was really pissed, but got over it. Now, I just found out that they were actually in a hot tub naked. Also, there were three of them - my girlfriend, my best friend, and some other girl. I have built a great relationship with my girlfriend, and to hear that makes me sick. What should I do?"

There are 3 things you should do:

  1. Get a hot tub.
  2. Don't marry that girl.
  3. Ask your friend what the trick is!

Any questions?

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