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April 30, 2020 0 By admin

When I meet some folks occasionally and tell them about this site for man’s man, the first thing they do is express their admiration (I really don’t need it, so). But the first question is usually comes to what does it mean to be a real man and how do I interpret it?

I have already discussed it in the previous article in this Category but let me add some thoughts.

When I read any books, I usually catch the good quotes and write them down. So, they could be used to reinforce my thinking when I write the blog.

Here is the thing that will add to other important qualities on the road to becoming a real man’s man.

When I was in Army, I have learned one important man’s quality: the ability to do what I don’t feel like doing. I cannot overstate the importance of it.

It’s staying calm when you want to rage (also helps in the marriage).

It’s being modest when you want to brag (remember the wealth-related articles?).

Being a man is being stoic when you’d rather be emotional.

It’s fighting when you want to flee, and struggling when you want to quit.

Being a man is working hard when you feel lazy, and working out when you’re tired and almost exhausted.

It’s doing good for others when you want to be selfish.

It’s working late when you’d rather sleep, pulling yourself up when you’d rather give in.

It’s being appreciative when you’d rather complain and being happy when you’d rather brood.

It’s choosing to react as a man rather than giving the power of your feelings over your actions.

It’s giving when you’d rather take, serving when you’d rather receive, guiding when it would be easier to follow.

Men take on more when it would be easier to shed responsibility, and they do it without complaint.

Manhood is a duty, a vital one, a never-ending quest of improvement and care-taking, of providing and protecting and becoming better at providing and more adept at protecting.

Being a man is not easy, so, if the easy life is your only goal, manhood is not something you will ever claim.

Being a real man is an ideal, something we earn over time, through effort and struggle, trial and error, failure, success, and living with honor. So, your age doesn’t matter but your actions do.

When you honestly say to yourself that you have those qualities, you will be an ideal of husband for any woman. The woman will not only respect you and recognize you as a man’s man but she will be proud of you.

Am I talking about something funny, guys? These days, we're getting softer, weaker, and fatter, but this hormonal decline is a part of a larger decline that's been happening for hundreds of years. Over the past few generations, men have started producing less and less T.

We are not the 'apex' of our species, in fact, we're likely on the lowest end of the spectrum when it comes to being the 'optimal man' that there's ever been in our history as humans.

Archaeologists have found stones in Ancient Greece weighing over 1,000 pounds that were lifted by athletes of that time.

They've found footprints of runners in Australia dating back thousands of years that indicate speeds higher than even an Olympian champion could run today.

Nero's army used to march 60 or so miles every day carrying 100 pounds. Men of the past used to deal with far more hardship than we do today when we can live and even 'succeed' without ever raising our heart rate, feeling pain, or putting our lives in danger.

We think we're at the apex because we've broken the records of more modern generations, but we're far from it.

And almost all of it has to do with the dependency of some kind that's brought widespread softness and weakness to our species. Maybe it’s the progress of technology? We have droves of weak guys who can't think for themselves, earn for themselves, and protect themselves.

We live in a society that chooses to act on desires at the moment rather than acting in accordance with their overall desires for their life.

So, what is the answer or solution to this problem? What every guy should do to gain the men’s qualities lost over the years?

The answer is simple enough and not so simple: self-discipline.

I have seen many immature men. Take for example the TV Show "Married at the first sight". Looking at some guys and watching them made me sick. They have a long way to become a real man and start a family. They don't know who they are and what their place is in the world is. Some of them still have no stable job or even a profession. The lack of self-confidence is apparent. I felt sorry for them.

How a guy can become a great man?

Every great man had certain things he did daily that led to his greatness.

While others wished to become great, these men were simply consistent in who they were, and they were consistent with their rules in life that became a habit.

  • They determined their goals and then reverse-engineered them to determine how to act to accomplish them (if you don’t do this you won’t know how to act to reach your goal) …
  • They woke up at a similar time and took physical fitness seriously…
  • They ALL read and read often and they scheduled their reading like it was an important meeting…
  • They did ONE THING at a time (which is a powerful habit almost lost on current society), the thing that has the highest priority among others at that time...
  • They did not attempt greatness in a day but rather aimed to be consistent every day…

There’s a reason why elite soldiers train so hard and, specifically, cover every possible situation they can. They’re not just training their bodies – they also are training their minds, developing self-discipline that becomes a habit.  They’re training because they know that a man does not rise to the occasion, he always falls back on his training.

In our lives, our ‘training’ can literally be the workouts we do in the gym, but on a bigger level, it’s our habits. The habits that we have every day determine the life we will have in the future.

Start from small: develop useful habits.

Do you have rules for your life? You should! If you think that rules are limiting, you are wrong!

The rules show us how to act in accordance with our overall goals.

The better you act, the better decisions you make, the better your life will be.

I have three major rules that help me to be the one I wanted to be.

Do you have any?

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