Three letters that can change your life

June 20, 2020 0 By admin

Three Letters That Can Change Your Life

In this unusual time of the global pandemic, many of us were locked up in our apartments or houses (voluntary or not). I am sure many of you are still self-isolating from the potential danger of getting a Covid 19 infection.

Obviously, it has put some amount of stress and mental pressure. Those people who lived busy lifestyles suddenly get so much free time that they don’t know what to do with it. Especially if you are single and are not occupied with a family and kids, it is tough. Beyond getting physically fit, I want to recommend you something for your mental health.

Just 3 letters will make a huge difference in your life: A R T

Yeah, I know that the majority of readers never touched the paintbrush, acrylic or oil paint, or even the pencil to draw anything you like, and I know your excuse: … I have no talent, … I have no training… I have no desire.

The fact is that if you want something special in your life, something that will take you away from the stupidity of social media (numerous hours of your life wasted online), from the stress of a job, or just the daily life burden, you CAN learn on your own how to CREATE something memorable that was made with your own hands.

You will be very much surprised that formal education is not needed. What you need is a desire, some patience, and free time (and these days, you have it plenty!).

One of the nicest things about art is its accessibility and availability to anyone who can hold a brush and see well enough. Excellent videos as well as books, are everywhere to help one to "self-learn" all about it. Unlike other professions taking years of study and hard dedication, to even begin, with art you can dive in and learn by doing.

Years ago, somehow, I’ve got in my hands a set of paintbrushes and a few tubes of oil paint. I was curious enough to try “how it works”.

I have found a piece of cardboard, the picture of a painting of an unknown author, and began my first attempt to make a copy. Of course, I had no clue that cardboard is not the best material as it absorbs oil instantly, but who cares? I had no clue how to clean brushes, how to properly use and mix the colors, choose the values, and hundreds of other things but after several days of my hard labor, the painting was finished.

Yeah, only my family saw it (as it was something that I was not proud to show). However, my curiosity and desire to create something decent have prevailed. I bought a few books about art and painting and began making notes in the notebook. After the second attempt, I had better results. In a few years, I had several paintings that I was not afraid to show to anyone.

While I was a single guy, I was using my free time to paint. And what a joy!! I caught myself on the thought that I don’t hear anything around me, and I don’t think about ANYTHING but my painting. You don’t need the medicine, joint or drink to relax – just grab a paintbrush and create your next miracle!

At one point, several years later, while I was paying for the frame in the frame gallery, I got an offer to sell one of my paintings for four digits ($) – a copy of a famous painting (see below). I was very much surprised but I refused the offer. The gallery’s owner has increased the offered price 3 times but I was adamant – money is not everything in life. I wanted to have something in my family for generations created with my own hands, so, why would I sell my painting? Judge for yourself.

Folks, now, if you want to learn quickly there are so many free tutorials (hours and hours) that there is no reason to spend money on formal education (unless, of course, you want to have a business that will support your lifestyle).

Just search on YouTube “painting for beginners”.

You can buy a set of oil paint (or, perhaps, start with acrylic), some canvas, and a small set of paintbrushes in your local art store or online.

If I could do it, you can do it, too!

For instance, Bob Ross can show you how to paint a decent painting of nature in merely 30-45 minutes. Just follow his hand! When I saw first time how simple it is, I was amazed. Look at the size of his paintbrush! As he has mentioned, some teenagers who have followed his tutorial make extra money for themselves by selling their own paintings.

If you want to challenge yourself, assign yourself a more difficult task. I was doing it constantly with portraits of people. It is the most challenging and the most enjoyable time spent with your painting.

As you will learn more (and I encourage you to make the notes), I bet your results will be better and better. Without tutorials, I had to spend a few months painting the portraits (not on daily basis, of course, because I had a full-time job plus business). Now, it takes me 2-3 weeks to complete the work.

When people see my paintings, they cannot believe that I had no formal education but it is the truth. I heard many praises of my “talent” but it has nothing to do with talent. It is just, as I said earlier, a desire, some persistence, and the love of painting.

I would never think that I am capable of painting serious portraits (like my wife’s and my father’s, myself, and even my granddaughter if I would not try the first time.

My point is that there are many things in life that can make it brighter. Put aside your phone, and immerse in art. It could be painting or drawing, photography or digital painting – doesn’t matter. But once you tried it, you will never be the same again.

As a tiny gift to my readers, I am attaching the Beginner’s Guide to Painting by Dan Scott.

I guarantee that you can enjoy your artwork too, just give yourself a chance to try and FORGET all doubts.

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